Apostille Services. How many Apostilles do I even need?

“How many Apostilles do I need?” is one of the most common questions we receive for Apostille services.

If you find that you have multiple documents to Apostille, the answer lies in how many people the apostille actually represents. How many actual apostille serial numbers, depends on two main factors.

For example, Apostille authentication with a single document for each of 2 children.

If you are attempting to obtain citizenship for your two children, and the receiving country asks for their birth certificates, this represents “two applications” 2 Apostilles would be required.

Apostille authentication with more than one document for one child.

If the receiving country is looking for multiple documents, like a birth certificate and proof of birth for the mother from the hospital, this would be “one application” only one apostille would be required.

Apostille authentication with one adult proving guardianship of 2 children.

When we process this Apostille service we double up the copies of each doc. Many times the recipient may wish to separate the docs of each child for separate files. They are satisfied that both children’s files docs came from the same apostille.

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