Apostille for Death Certificate from only $149. Process your Apostille here.

Our Apostille for Death Certificate service from Albany is only $149 complete. No add-on fees. No document shipping or notary fees.

You can drop off your death certificate at our office: 105 Corporate Park Drive in Harrison, New York, where we will:

Authenticate your death certificate with an Apostille notary stamp.

We will then have your death certificate and notarization “authenticated” at the Westchester County Clerks’ office in White Plains. We handle all forms and fees.

The Westchester County Clerks Office in White Plains

We will then have your document FedEx’d to the NYS Department of State in Albany for Apostille processing. Again, we handle all forms, postage, and associated fees.

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We even include the self-addressed postage-paid return mailer so New York State can mail your Apostille back to you.

How can we provide an Apostille for Death Certificate for only $149?

Apostille for Death Certificate in Westchester is all we do. We cannot help you in any other states except for New York. Processing your Apostille for Death Certificate is what we do seven days a week.

But what if you are looking to receive your Apostille for Death Certificate faster than 4 to 5 weeks direct from Albany? For these cases, we also offer expedited services. Expedited services will deliver your Apostille for Death Certificate in either ten days, five days, or, in some cases, as little as 24 hours.

Take a moment and utilize our online Apostille application form. There is absolutely no obligation to submit your information on this form. If you would like to obtain your Apostille for Death Certificate on your own, we would be more than happy to assist you with this as well.

If you are a notary in Westchester County and would like to learn how to Apostille documents, we can help you with this as well. Questions? Please text/WhatsApp/call anytime: (914)441-2444 and speak with Apostille Expediter Harry Otto.

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