Where can I apostille a document near me? is the question that drives many users to our site when they’re near White Plains or anywhere in Westchester.

Although we service clients in other countries, those clients are “near us” when the documents they need to apostille have a lineage in New York, such as a marriage license or birth certificate.

For some industries, using a company that makes believe they’re “near you” might be ok, but apostille authentications are not one of them. Many companies that show up on Google will make-believe they’re “near you” then try and send you “mailer packs” to have you ship your documents to them. This is what some Google “apostille service near me” do. We are located in White Plains and are at the County Clerk nearly every day.

If you’re in Westchester County, Corporate Apostilles either allows you to drop off your documents in person or, in Southern Westchester, will pick them up from you. When expediting your apostille authentication, your documents never leave the expediter’s hands.

Just the fact they are claiming to be an “apostille near me” begins your relationship on a fallacy. If you’re in Westchester, Rockland, or The Bronx we are “an apostille service near me”!

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