Brought to you by New York Apostille expediters

The first thing you need to know is that we are not approved as channelers. The channeler is a company that has been specifically approved by the government for the purpose of collecting your fingerprints, submitting them to the FBI, and initiating your FBI background check.

This being said, a channeler is NOT a person that expedites the apostille process. In addition to expediting your background check, expediters have systems in place that can apostille your FBI background check within a week or even same day in some cases.

If you are looking for the fastest FBI background check, we recommend using Printscan located just minutes away from our office at 75 South Broadway in White Plains. Unfortunately, Printscan does not accept phone or drop-in appointments any longer. If you wish to schedule an appointment, you can click on the following link:

The current fee for your fingerprints and FBI Background Check is $90/plustx.

Printscan also offers the option of sending one of their fingerprint technicians to your home or office! You might want to give them a call at (631)782-1700 if you need to find out more about this. They no longer have a “direct” White Plains number.

We recommend that you request a PDF version of your FBI background check in order to have the fastest turnaround time. Upon receiving the PDF, you will be able to securely upload it on our application page at in order for it to be printed and apostilled immediately.

You can order various services on, such as translation, color scan-to-PDF and FedEx to the country of your choice. It is our job to take care of every aspect of your apostille and final application process.

In addition to that, many of our requests also relate to marriage licenses, particularly in the case of applications for second citizenship and golden visas. If the country requires a copy of the current marriage license in place of the original, you will have to request your own copy of the marriage license. 

In Westchester County, this process is handled through the Westchester County Clerk’s office located on Martin Luther King Blvd in White Plains. In New York City, it goes through the Department of Health. For information regarding who issues certified copies of your marriage license (or birth and death certificates), always contact the County Clerk in the jurisdiction where the original certificate was issued.

Would you like your FBI background check and the documents that accompany it to be apostille? You can start the process by visiting or by texting our lead expediter Harry Otto at (914) 441-2444.